PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration Workshop

If you enjoyed the Basic Workshop and want to learn more about how to deepen your skills, then the Advanced Integration Workshop is for you. This course is recommended especially for those who plan to work more extensively with others, either personally or professionally.

As Albert Einstein once said,
“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

How will you benefit from this workshop?

  • Improve your verbal and non-verbal communication, to create safe and relaxed spaces in all your interpersonal interactions, both personally and at work.
  • Balancing core beliefs which will allow you to generate fast and significant changes in your perception of self-worth, personal power, love and acceptance for yourself, which could take years if you did it only with your conscious mind.
  • Discover how to harmonize your relationship with yourself and with others, as well as with various life issues (partner, parents, children, money, occupation, physical body, etc).
  • Safely make a journey through all stages of your life, all the way from the moment of conception to the experience o death, in order to transform all traumatic and stressful experiences that are stored in your subconscious mind, to a state of peace and detachment. The result? Live to your full potential!
  • At the end of the 4 days, you are equipped with powerful transformative processes and at that moment, you will truly experience how powerful you are!

The Advanced Integration Workshop meets the criterion of being simple, however, it is also elegant, powerful and fun. Here’s how it helps!


You will learn how to create a deep sense of trust and safety with others, making the facilitation of change easier and more comfortable than ever before. You will use the powerful process to create a whole-brained state when communicating with others, both verbally and non verbally.


This balance aligns 13 Core Beliefs that support the manifestation of your full potential in life. It is frequently a profound alignment process that prepares the mind/body system for accelerated growth and change.


You will learn 12 points on the body that are derived from ancient acupressure. They represent key beliefs that give us valuable information about how we are limiting ourselves. When these points are combined with Energy Focusing, these subconscious beliefs can be accessed and changed in a matter of seconds.


This balance will help you transform personal issues with others, and better understand the lessons to be learned in relationships. It will provide a clearer perspective on the value of relationships between parents and children, siblings, co-workers, spouses, friends, and lovers.


A safe and effective process that allows you to focus energy on a Belief Point in order to change subconscious beliefs quickly and easily.


The trauma of birth and the fear of death are two powerful aspects of human life. This balance utilizes breath as a means of re-programming any negative impact of these influences in our lives. By directing the breath back and forth between two power points in the body, you learn to release stress associated with these experiences and free yourself to experience the fullness and joy of life.


An extraordinary experience utilizing group energy focusing. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to experience the powerful effects of concentrated unconditional love!


A process using a surrogate (substitute person) to effect change at a distance with someone not physically present. This approach can be used to expand your sphere of influence including other people, as well as pets.