PSYCH-K® Private Sessions

If you want to spend 100% focus with your personal list to replace old programs and habits by using these simple yet powerful processes of change, then a private one-on-one session is for you. These sessions are scheduled usually for one hour during the day.

You set the goals, balance for the change and you create the results. This is a focused time when I walk/talk you through the steps for you to re-write your subconscious mind. You are guided through the Balance, including permission, assuring effectiveness in making the belief changes you seek. That makes it easy for you to take action and create your results!

How long will be the session?

These sessions are scheduled usually for one hour.

What happens in a PSYCH-K Session?

Within the first 10 minutes you will define your present situation (problem) and we will determine what do you want instead.
To change your subconscious settings which are creating the undesired reality for you, we will use a unique muscle testing approach to communicate with your subconscious mind and do the change processes which we call ‘balances’ to create the necessary parameters which will carry you to your desired goal. Depending on the complexity of your issue, we may be able to work on more than one issue in the same session.
In order to use our timing effectively, it is recommended for you to read the information about PSYCH-K® and how it works before the session.

What are the areas you can come to for the Session?

  • Work on particular goals or issues
  • Transform stress, anxiety or trauma
  • Experience a high-level facilitator session
  • Facilitators to understand the format for a professional session
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a PSYCH-K®
  • It is not possible to be taught PSYCH-K® in a Private Sessions(s)


How many Sessions would I require?

Since everyone is unique it is difficult to answer this question. But due to my experience as a PSYCH-K® instructor and facilitator, a very high majority of people who did sessions with PSYCH-K® change processes did not need more than one session for the same issue. Very rarely additional sessions might be needed according to the real strength of that person’s will-power to change and hidden secondary gains from that problem.

They may notice some kind of change during the session or immediately after, where for some others the change (goal) becomes their reality in the following days.

PSYCH-K® is an empowering method that enables one to take his/her power back so that you can decide when and how you wish to continue.

How can I book a PSYCH-K Session?

You can contact Hub of Consciousness at +971 50 543 1552 or
send an email to to book an appointment